Greece, 1988, DCP, Colour, 121’
Greek; Turkish & English Subtitled

9 June Perşembe – 15:00

In a provincial spa town, Manolis, who has been an army deserter three times, wants to reintegrate into the society of his hometown. This change is observed with bitterness by Christos, a young gay man who arrives there from Athens, fascinated by Manolis’ rebel character, and his ability to carry all the contradictions of their social environment, seemingly effortlessly. In this mosaic of characters, money acts as a connecting link, as the town ultimately prospers thanks to the local tourist businesses. It is precisely this turn to quick profit and the dead end of uncontrolled commercialization that will ultimately allow Manolis to be assimilated by his surroundings, leaving Christos to watch feeling fascinated and repelled at the same time. Not only is their homosexuality not accepted, but the bourgeois hostility is echoed and reproduced by the provincial riches.

The film will be shown in a new digital copy (DCP) created for the purposes of the “Motherland, I See you” initiative.


Director: Giorgos Korras
Christos Voupouras
Screenplay: Giorgos Korras
Christos Voupouras
Director of Photography: Andreas Bellis
Editing: George Korras
Christos Voupouras
Music: Eleni Karaindrou
Stelios Mainas
Leonidas Nomikos
Toula Stathopoulou
Stelios Pavlou
Cinda Stefanopoulou
Giorgos Yiannopoulos
Producer: George Korras
Christos Voupouras
Production: Greek Film Center
Greek State TV


Thessaloniki FF Best Supporting Actress 1988
Turin Gay FF Best Quality Film Award 1989


He was born in Derveni in 1948. He studied Greek Literature and History at the University of Athens, and cinema at Stavrakos School. He has worked as a critic in newspapers and magazines, as a script-writer and director and as a radio producer. He has edited several films.


1954’te Midilli’de dünyaya geldi. Atina’da sinema eğitimi aldı. 2014’te kısa hikayelerini o“At the dead-end of Asomaton street” ve “7 kinds of wrath” isimleriyle kitaplaştırdı. İki yönetmen, dünya prömiyerini Berlin Film Festivali’nde yapan “…lipotaktis” adlı filmle başlayan birlikteliklerini 1997’de “Mirupafshim” (1997) ile sürdürdürler. İkilinin ayrıca, “Mirupafshim tha pei kali antamosi” adlı ortak kitapları vardır. Korras son 25 yıldır özel okullarda ve Selanik Aristotle Üniversitesi Film Bölümü’nde Film Estetiği dersleri verirken, Voupouras da yazmaya devam ediyor

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