John the Violent


John the Violent Ioannis o Viaios
Greece, 1973, DCP, B&W, 180’ 
Greek; Turkish & English Subtitled

8 June Wednesday - 18:00

It’s midnight on a deserted street in Athens. A young woman is stabbed to death by a stranger, who instantly slips into the shadows. The alleged perpetrator, John Zachos, is a mentally unstable young man who fantasizes about killing women. He believes this gives him a sense of empowerment and validates his manhood as dictated by society at large. After his arrest, he immediately confesses to the murder, but during the trial it becomes apparent that his testimony is a recreation of what he reads in the press and is full of inconsistencies. The search for the truth is hanging in the balance and the battle between society and individual continues to rage.

The film will be shown in a new digital copy (DCP) created for the purposes of the “Motherland, I See you” initiative.

Director: Tonia Marketaki
Screenplay: Tonia Marketaki
Director of Photography: Giorgos Arvanitis
Giorgos Panousopoulos
Editing: Giorgos Korras
Manolis Logiadis
Mika Flora
Vangelis Kazan
Minas Chatzissavas
Takis Doukakos
Mairi Metaxa
Nikitas Tsakiroglou
Lida Protopsalti
Malaina Anousaki
Kostas Arzoglou
Producer: Tonia Marketaki




Thessaloniki FF Honorary Award, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay 1973


She was born in Athens and studied in Paris at the I.D.H.E.C. She worked as a film critic from 1963 to 1967 before making her first short film “John and the Road”. Her first feature film “Violent John” (1973) won her a critical acclaim when it was presented in the Forum at the Berlin International Film Festival. It was followed by the television series “The Lemon Grove (1978)” and the films “The Price of Love” (1984), winner of the Golden Olive at the Bastia Film festival and “Crystal Nights” (1991).