Morning Patrol


Morning Patrol / Proini Peripolos
Greece, 1987, DCP, Colour, 86’ 
Greek; Turkish & English Subtitled

11 Haziran Cumartesi – 19:00

In a destroyed and abandoned city, a woman travels alone. She wants to pass the Forbidden Zone and get to the Sea. Deceptive traps lurk everywhere and the Morning Patrol is on her trail. The city’s mechanisms work uncontrollably. Electronic voices warn the nonexistent citizens to desert the city. A man, one of the few survivors, who now guards this city, suddenly appears. They will approach each other; they will try to recall the past. A relationship of violence and death, a story of love in an unbearable world.

The film will be screened in a newly restored digital copy with English subtitles, created in 2020 by the heirs of Nikos Nikolaidis and is part of the “Motherland, I See You” initiative.

Director: Nikos Nikolaidis
Screenplay: Nikos Nikolaidis
Director of Photography: Dinos Katsouridis
Editing: Andreas Andreadakis
Music: Giorgos Hatzinasios
Cast: Michelle Valley
Takis Spiridakis
Panos Thanassoulis
Takis Loukatos
Producer: Nikos Nikolaidis
Marie-Louise Bartholomew
Production: Greek Film Center


Thessaloniki FF FF Best Director 1987


Nikos Nikolaidis, the multi-award winning director and writer, was born in Athens In 1939. His directorial debut began with the short film: Lacrimae Rerum 1962, and his official entrance into world of filmmaking was in 1975, with the feature film “Euridice Β. . 2037”. Aside from film directing, Nikolaidis has worked for a record company and has put his signature on more than 200 television commercials.

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