The Crossing


Greece, 1989, mp4, Colour, 90’ 
Greek; Turkish & English Subtitled

9 June Thursday - 13:00

Two young men from the provinces, having completed their military service, hitch a ride back to their homes. During the course of their journey, quite by chance in a gas station, they become embroiled in a fight during which one of them is killed. 

The death of his friend causes the other young man to change his life with the help of a strong, independent woman lorry driver. During this time, he observes the efforts of the police to discover the identity of his dead friend.

Director: Vasiliki Eliopoulou
Screenplay: Vasiliki Eliopoulou
Director of Photography: Andreas Sinanos
Editing: Giorgos Triandafyllou
Music: Panayotis Kalatzopoulos
Cast: Giorgos Ninios
Kariofillia Karabeti
Vangelis Liodakis
Vangelis Kazan
Zozo Zarpa
Zoe Salayanni
Producer: Vasiliki Eliopoulou
Nikos Moustakas
Production: Greek Film Center


Thessaloniki FF Best Screenplay 1990


Vassiliki Iliopoulou was born in Kozani in 1948. She studied film. Since 1972 she has been writing and directing for cinema and television. She has directed two feature films as well as short films and documentaries. She has also edited broadcasts for the 2nd and 3rd State Broadcasting Channels. As a writer she published “Liuba and Other Fragrances” in 2000, the collection of “Heart of the Hare” short stories in 2005, “Smith” in 2010 (awarded the State Prize for Fiction), “The Exercise of the Roth” in 2013 and the collection of short stories “The Monster in the Subway” in 2017.