The Excursion


Greece, 1966, mp4, B&W, 86’ 
Greek; Turkish & English Subtitled

11 June Saturday - 13:00

Kanellopoulos takes lyricism to its most extreme form. His characters are dominated by an absolute, mysterious and romantic passion that so overcomes them that they seem to stand still and act as if hypnotized, simply following the course of their fate. A woman loves her officer-husband but her desire for their mutual friend is irresistible. She will follow him, deserter though he is, into the unknown. Love-Death: the axis is straight; it is a “royal”path that unites them. A ritual and a hymn to the sadness and splendour of feelings.

Director: Takis Kanellopoulos
Screenplay: Giorgos Kitsopoulos
Director of Photography: Syrakos Danalis
Editing: Takis Kanellopoulos
Music: Nikos Mamangakis
Cast: Lili Papayianni
Angelos Antonopoulos
Kostas Karagiorgis
Kostas Lachas
Producer: Kostas Kanellopoulos
Production: Kostas Kanellopoulos


Thessaloniki FF Best Cinematography, Honorary
Award, Greek Film Critics Association Awards
Best Actress & Best Music 1966



Takis Kanellopoulos was born in Thessaloniki. He made his debut with the poetic ethnographic documentary entitled “Macedonian Wedding” (1960). His first full-length film “Sky” (1962) is a low-keyed look at war, contrasting it with moments from the previous peaceful life of the people concerned. The same lyricism characterizes all his films.