Greek Cinema is Introducing Itself

Four panelists,
Ms. Athena Kartalou - General Director of the Greek Film Center, Ms. Athena Kalkopoulou -Director of Promotion/ Hellas Film at the Greek Film Center, Ms. Antigoni Rota - Producer, and Ms. Afroditi Nikolaidou - Assistant professor in Film/TV studies University of Athens, present to the participants a clear picture on today’s state of filmmaking in Greece, the industry’s structure, the national policies undertaken to boost and enable film production, to challenge the market demands etc. Each one covers a range of subjects, according to her specialty and experience, concerning: additional financial resources, competitiveness, demands of the mainstream film industry and distribution, alternative ways of seeking out new audiences and promote film culture, the role of festivals - film markets - media and marketing strategies and, the importance of media education and film studies, as well as the role of each Cinemateque, in shaping and developing new cinephile audiences. The panel also aims at discussing today’s big cinema issues and dilemmas it faces by establishing a kind of relationship between panelists and questioners, who also express opinions and believes, and exchange knowledge and ideas to strengthen cross border collaborations by investing in coproduction and the creation of bilateral funds.